media 360º

  • Music Creation For Film & TV

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Design & Hosting

  • Content Sourcing & Photography

  • Critical Marketing 360º


What we do

Original music score for film, TV series & documentary. Website design & graphic design. Content sourcing for your website or blog. Online marketing and funnel strategies for businesses.



Are you tired of mundane artist libraries? We create original music or songwriting specifically for your Film or TV series. We also provide music for advertising and websites.

Graphic Design

A logo can enhance you business or product  and is an essential step when building a brand. We can help channel your ideas and requirements into innovative designs.

Web Development

Do you need help with your website? We can gather content and maintain your website giving you time to fully concentrate on your business.

Marketing Strategy

You have a great product or business but you are not maximising your full potential to reach your target customers. We can build online business strategies that will give you results.

Web Design

Many people need a website for many different reasons. We can save you alot of time and money by fulfilling the purpose of your website so that it meets you expectation. 


We use professional industry standard photography equipment to produce and edit images for any project.

We Create Fresh innovative ideas

No two projects are ever the same, we keep our ideas fresh, new and alive.


Ideas Today

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Where ideas come to grow…

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“The moment you let an idea go by, is the moment that something wonderful was lost. Don’t let great ideas slip away. Make them a reality.”

Joseph James

Media Consultant, Critical Media 360º

“A fantastic brand and website is only the beginning, it’s what you do next that determines success. Your identity needs to be seen and heard to get the results.”

Thomas Bateller

Marketing Consultant, Critical Marketing 360º


Our workspace is our infinite imagination

Our Skill Set

We have experienced backgrounds on a professional level in the music industry, graphic design & publishing industry, web development & online marketing.

We always have projects on the go which require elements of many areas of our experience. How can scoring music for a short  film inspire fantastic inspiration for a photo shoot, content for a website or an amazing marketing stratigy? Well it can, everything is connected! 

  • Music – 100%
  • Web Development – 80%
  • Funnel Marketing Strategy – 100%
  • Content Creation – 90%

Are you out in the cold?

Do you have trouble getting your website moving efficiently amidst the rest of your competitors? Have your ideas or projects frozen and come to a hault? Is there a missing element that would make your latest project shine?

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