What type of content do you need on your website?

‘When someone is creating a website there are two concepts that help you describe how your website should look and feel. One of them is UI, stands for User Interface and it describes how your website should look. The other one is called UX, stands for User Experience and it describes how your visitors should experience your website.

These are some technical terms that you might find boring, but you need to pay attention at the next point im going to make, because it’s really important, with out it, your website will feel empty, literally! But its not just about having it, is also about personalising it to suit your audience. And all this so your ideal clients can have a good experience on your website. What im talking about is CONTENT. It’s a critical part of your site and a lot of people dont pay enough attention to it.

Content will determine the look and feel of your website, plus is your primary form of communication on your website. Videos are a really powerful tool. They help express your emotions, then people can hear your voice, tonality and gestures and they can have a better understanding of what you’re trying to say. Instead of having to read all the text on the page and have them create the tonality for your text. Overall the best course of action would be to have both.

Coming back to the content of your website.

It’s important that your website content and user experience is aligned with the type of customers that you want to work with, this will help you achieve your business goals faster.

Do you have a marketing plan to achieve your business goals?

There’s probably a lot to know about your offers, about your customer, your competition, all that kind of stuff. We really want to get to know it at that level. So
we can create a blueprint, and road map, and a plan so that we know that it’s clear, it’s accurate and it’s taken into consideration all the unique circumstances of your business.

In a perfect world, who would you like to work with? How old are they? Is your audience mostly female or male? What are their interest? This will help to know who you are trying to communicate with and what content you should create, as well as how to best deliver it to your audience.


Do you want to share some information about your company (Info Site), maybe you want to continually share content on your website (Blog), perhaps you want to sell your products online (E-Commerce), or create an info based product and build an online course for your members (Membership Site). Each type of website has its own features that will need to be added to create your project.

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What type fo website do you need?

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